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Search engine optimization is one of the most important factors of success, one you have to direly consider if you need to reap big from your website and online business. However, it can turn out to be quite a daunting experience when hiring a hvac SEO expert, especially if you do not know what to expect from them. Even with the best research for a good service provider or with the best recommendations from other people, asking the following questions can increase your confidence in them.

How experienced are you in contractor web site design?

Through experience is when we learn best and improvise especially making corrections where they are due. It is thus important to enquire to know how long a service provider has been in business, or perhaps how many clients they have performed SEO for, during the said duration. You do not want to deal with someone that you are not sure of their capabilities with your new or existing business website.

How do you plan to increase my search engine rankings?

This is another way of asking for an action plan. It is important to want to know how the SEO expert intends to make your site climb the search engine ranks and within what duration they expect that you will start observing the effect. Good and legit service providers will have a clear answer to this question.

Can I get a list of your previous and current clients?

As much as most service providers may think that you are over interrogating them by asking such a question, you do not want to hire someone or some company with a bad reputation. It increases your confidence in a SEO expert if they agree to provide you with such a list. From these clients, you can select a few at random and contact them to enquire on what their experience was or is with the particular expert. Run very fast if they decline to provide you with at least a few previous clients, you never know; they could be frauds or even fakes.

At what rates and what terms?

It is important to note that the cost of service whether cheap or expensive may not necessarily translate to low quality service or guarantee you of high quality and efficient service in most cases. However, you should consider this since the cost is a business expense and should in one way or another fit your budget. Moreover, if you can get a similar service from another provider where you will save a couple of bucks, there is no harm whatsoever in making calculated preferences. Terms of payment should also be realistic.

It is also quite important that before you even approach a certain service provider; you conduct a proper online search and even visit their website. From the main site of the SEO expert, you might have access to some essential information such as customer comments and feedback and cost of service. With this you will come better prepared.

Your website is the most important selling point of your business when it comes to online marketing. The services of a SEO consultant are almost inevitable if your business is to gain popularity by increasing web traffic, increase web search engine ranking eventually achieve a brand name. Below is a continuation of questions to ask before hiring a seo pro from a previous article.

Do you do local SEO?

They should say yes if the local market is your main focus. They should also be conversant with the general market dynamics in your locality. They should be well known and reputable at least by some contactable individuals or previous clients around the geographical location.

Are you compliant with webmaster guidelines?

There are standards and best practices outlined by Google and webmaster concerning SEO practices. Practices such as posting of content that contains spam, hidden texts and links, and other auto generated fishy content are prohibited. In the case that your website is discovered to have used or to be using such illegal practices all in the name of SEO, you might be liable for breach of protocol as the website owner and may end up incurring huge losses in penalties. Your site may even be shut down in some instances.

How will you track progress from your SEO efforts?

There needs to be a certain system in place that tracks progress after SEO has been performed on your website. Such a system may be used by the SEO expert to track the overall increase in number of day visitors, subscribers, and new clients. They should be able to also be able to use applications such as Google analytics to track changes in search engine rankings, used keywords and accessed back links. Let them inform you how they intend to share such information with you.

Will you involve me in changes made to my site?

Regardless of the juiciness of the content that a service provider includes in your website, or the goodness of the changes done to improve SEO, the buck stops with you. You are not only the client / employer of the service provider, but also the owner of the business. This will come in handy, especially if you prefer some of the content or HTML codes of your website to be left untouched for one reason or the other. It is important to let them know that they will need permission to perform some particular changes if this is the case.

It is important to note that apart from the questions above, and those in part one of this article, you also need to ensure that the service provider you are about to work with is an effective communicator and that you website is safe even after you part ways. You do not want to hire a SEO expert who will hold grudges after you part ways or after you hire another person in future. Consider carefully the terms of association; get an attorney to witness the contract if you have to.

Top Questions To Ask A Contractor Website Design Expert Before Hiring Them


Finding and hiring an expert to establish, develop, or upgrade your construction business website may sometimes be quite challenging. This is mainly due to the fact that a single blunder that may be done on your contractor website design can be quite detrimental to the operations and profitability of the company and online business. Below are some among the most important questions that you can ask a contractor website designer or service provider before you decide to hire them.

How long have you been in the field?

The more experienced an individual or a web design company is, the more likely that they will deliver as expected. Remember that the contractor and construction industry business is quite competitive and as so, you do not want to on the huge profits and prospective business there is on the online market to competitors, all due to a badly done web design. Ensure that there is at least some form of proof to support what they give as an answer to this question.

Can you provide me with a list of clients?

By asking this question, what you really want to find out is their reputation and reliability. If a contractor website design service provider fails or disagrees to provide a list of previous or existing clients, this could be an indication that they are either not reliable, or in some cases they are not legitimate. You do not want to work with a service provider that will take ages to come up with your design of choice, or disappear with your company information and money altogether. If they have a website (which of course they should have), it is advisable to look at customer comments, complaints and reviews of their services and products. Run very fast, especially if most of them are negative.

What other services do you offer?

In this time and age, businesspeople are known to combine compatible services and products to create a one stop shop for their clients. This also happens with service providers for websites and online businesses. Furthermore, finding a web designer who also provides SEO expert services will be an added advantage as it relives you of the hassle of looking elsewhere for such services. However, also ensure that the other services are in line with the construction industry before awarding them with extra tasks.

What is the cost of service and terms of payment?

It is important to note that a low cost does not necessarily mean low quality of service. Consequently, that a contractor website design service provider that demands a higher amount in fees and charges does not necessarily mean that their services are the best. You should only ensure that the cost fits your budget after considering the other factors above. It is also important to ensure that you understand the terms of payment whether hourly, weekly monthly and so on before you agree to their terms.